New books have been added to the Friends Horticultural Reference Library. They are:

The coastal garden by Isobel Gabites
The color encyclopedia of ornamental grasses by Rick Darke
The Florilegium by Morris & Murray
A New Zealand Nature Journal by Sandra Morris
Billy Showell's Botanical Painting in Watercolour by Billy Showell
Yates Young Gardener growing things to eat by Janice Marriott
New wild garden: natural style planting and practicalities by Ian Hodgson
Science and the Garden by Ingram & Vince-Prue
Environmental Horticulture: science and management of green landscapes by Cameron & Hitchmough
Drought resistant planting by Betth Chatto
The evolution of plants by Willis & McElwain
Plant Systematics by M Simpson
Five-Plant Gardens: 52 Ways to Grow a Perennial Garden with Just Five Plants by Nancy Orda
The Plant Lover's guide to Magnolias by Andrew Bunting
Paradise through the seasons by Alan Trott
Arboretum by Owen Johnson
Empire of tea by Ellis et al
Discovering New Zealand Birds by Sandra Morris

Experiment with pollination by Nadia Higgins
Paddington in the garden by Michael Bond
Plants that never ever bloom by Ruth Heller
Kapai and the kauri trees by Uncle Anzac
One Little Fantail by Anne Hunter
The adventures of hutu and kawa by Avis Acres