The Botanical Art Society of New Zealand (BASNZ) is delighted to announce that New Zealand will be taking part in the ‘Botanical Art Worldwide’ exhibition organised by the American Society of Botanical Artists and supported by the ‘Friends of Auckland Botanic Gardens’

This inaugural worldwide event, which will take place in many countries simultaneously, will bring together artists, institutions, and the public to highlight the role contemporary botanical artists play in bringing attention to the need of safe-guarding our planet’s botanical diversity.

Our exhibition - ‘Ngāi Tipu Taketake – Indigenous Flora’ will take place from March 30th - 1st July 2018 at the Auckland Botanic Gardens, with the possibility of it travelling to other main NZ cities.

The Botanical Art Society of New Zealand is pleased to call for submissions for this exhibition. Artists interested in submitting paintings are invited to complete the submission form and provide details of their work.

**Submissions for this competition are now closed**

General Information

Terms and Conditions for submission

Countries taking part

Email: putting ‘Worldwide Exhibition’ in the subject line.
or phone the Auckland Botanic Gardens on 09 267 1457

Photo credits L-R Sandra Morris (photos 1&3) Rebecca Brown Thompson (2&4) Pixabay (5)